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SANROK—We’re a specialized team of 15 people consisting of 📐graphic designers, 📝copywriters, 🎨artists, 📢marketings, 🎥content creators, 🎬video & animators, 🔭researchers, 💻IT department, 🔨production managers, 📱social media managers from Bandung, Indonesia since 2012.

Project Manager
Michael Alexander

Tito Yusuf
Sandy Pirouzi
Tiffany Alexandra

Graphic Department Muhammad Mirza
Candya Pradipta
Nandiasa Rahmawati
Triandi Ramadhan
Michael Alexander
Tito Yusuf  
Production Department Azamni Fachlevi
Akhwan Ruswanda
Sandy Pirouzi

IT Department
Azhar Pratama
Sandy Pirouzi
Video Department
Tito Yusuf
Tiffany Alexandra
Triandi Ramadhan

Copywriting & Editing Tiffany Alexandra Sutansyah Marahakim Alamanda Hindersah
Ghina Fianny
Art Department
Sendi Adrianov
Akhwan Ruswanda
Awan Pamungkas

Social Media Department Kemala Montessa
Satrio Yudho
Ujang H.
Tito Yusuf

These are our essential 3-steps Phases of Work at SANROK Studio

P — 01


💬 01 Client Interview/
🏢 02 Industry Research/
💛 03 Brand Knowledge

01 A get-to-know phase, understanding things from the client’s perspective by a series of team visit + interview sessions. / 02 Researching the industry related to the brand or product itself, including competitor lists. / 03 Gap analysis for existing brand or product, positioning, segmentation and differentation listing from client’s brief.
P — 02


🎨 01 Visual/
📝 02 Story/

01 Visual style, colour, typography, forms & icons analysis— based on DNA’s competitor list. / 02 Brand or product ecosystem analysis, brand or product values and brand narration.
P — 03


🎨 01 Intangible Assets/
📝 02 Tangible Assets/

01 Printed & produced items such as company profile books, letterheads, envelopes printed mockups, etc. / 02 Intangible assets such as; brand guide, brand personality, visual assets & designs, mascot, etc.

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