YCIFI: South Korean Fashion School

Branding  |  Fashion & Goods

YCIFI is a collaboration between South Korean’s Ministry of Tourism and Institut Teknologi Bandung in 2016. YCIFI is a fashion school targeted for college students with South Korean notorious fashion designers as the teacher and mentor.

SANROK created the whole visual branding, stationaries, website design, event branding, and packaging.

South Korean people has distinctive calligraphy writings and colours as their identity. With geometrical shaped calligraphies– and red, blue, yellow colour as their main nation’s identity.


SANROK took and adapted the distinctive geometrical shapes of South Korean calligraphy and colours to make a logo with a good correlation with South Korea’s identity and combined it with the post-modern graphic design style to fit in modern fashion industry.

Art Director
Michael Alexander

Senior Designer
Candya Pradipta
Muhammad Mirza

Team Notes
“YCIFI is our first South Korean client. And of course it brought enough challenge for us to understand and to adapt some of their culture and taste in design. Overall it’s a fun project with enough room for graphic experiments for the team.”

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